Alpine Lodge

Step inside, slip off your boots and jacket, hang them in the drying room, slide into a pair of slippers and head upstairs to a lounge where a log burner is roaring.  Relax back in one of the deep cushioned couches, pour yourself a drink and chill.  You deserve it.  Dinner will be served soon enough and in the meantime, you can relive and recount each downhill run with like-minded powder enthusiasts.  Or, if your trail weary body needs rest, spend time relaxing in your room.  The choice is yours.

After dinner, if you are up for it, get your gear off and pop outdoors where two steaming tubs are brim full of hot water.  Lie back and unwind in a hot bath; a great finale to a great day.  And in the morning, after a fine night’s sleep and a continental breakfast, be first up the mountain to ride the fresh powder slopes.

Porters Alpine Lodge is communal, convivial and comfortable and best of all, it is located just  a few minutes below the Porters ski field operation. The lodge occupies a prime position on the mountain-side and offers excellent almost-on-field accommodation.  Outdoor baths, panoramic views and a friendly casual ambience are all included in the reasonable nightly rates.

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