School Trip Confirmation

Thank you for confirming your school trip to Porters. Please enter your details below, and the confirmed numbers of students and parents/teachers as below. Please take note that we need to confirm with you the abilities of your students so we can prepare our instructors to maximise the benefit and progression of your group. The ability level break downs are as follows, please fill in as per the form below.

  • Beginner – Students have never skied before, this is their first trip.
  • Skied 1 or 2 Days – Students have skied before, but only for a day or two.
  • Intermediate – Students can link turns comfortably on green runs.
  • Advanced – Students are experienced skiers, and can comfortably ski around all areas of the mountain.

Schools Trip Confirmation Form

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Please confrirm the actual numbers for your booking, taking care to ensure each students ability level is accounted for.

Ability Beginner (Never Skied before) Skied 1-2 Days Intermediate (Can link turns on green runs) Advanced (All Mountain)
Snowboard rentals must be reserved in advance or a limit of 20 rentals/day applies.

Thank you for confirming your school trip and group information with us. If we have any further queries, we will be in touch.

On the day of your trip, please check our daily snow report via our website @ You can also check our phone report @ 03 379 9931.

Please ensure all students have warm waterproof/resistant clothing, hats, gloves, sunglasses or goggles (very important) and are wearing only one pair of warm socks, prior to your arrival. If possible, it would be very helpful to have your students organised into the groups as detailed in the form submitted.

On arriving at Porters Ski Area, the group leader must come into the ticket office to liaise with one of the Porters staff.
If for any reason you foresee your group arriving at Porters after 9am, please contact us on (03) 318 4002 so that we can adjust lesson times accordingly.

If you have any further queries regarding coaching or on mountain services, please email or respectively.

Thanks and we’ll see you soon at Porters.

Porters Team.