Ice-cold storm brings snow

02/07/2014 6:39pm

An ice-cold Southerly system hit New Zealand on Wednesday bringing welcome snow and very cold temperatures to Porters Ski Area.

10cm of dry powder snow covered the entire mountain after the front blasted through early this morning. Consistent wind-affected snowfalls continued steadily throughout today. With temperatures down to -6 C, Porters’ new automated snow-making system is in continuous operation, adding to the snow base on the lower slopes since mid-Tuesday.

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We expect ideal snow making conditions over the weekend, with low temperatures predicted  until Monday.  As soon as there is enough snow on the lower slopes, Porters will open for the season. Another dump of natural snow is needed to cover the mid-mountain and provide safe access to the upper slopes which currently have good cover. This decision will be made from one day to the next, it is that close! We will keep you posted.

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