Porters 2015 improvements FAQ's

08/01/2015 12:49pm

2015 FAQ for Porters

 •   What is the name for the new chairlift and the main run next to it?


The new chair is called “The Easy Rider”. This name is Sam Marsh’s winning entry in our “Name the Chair” competition. The run next to the chair, formerly T-1, is now called “Easy Street”.

•   How has this run been improved this summer?

It has been a big summer for earthworks this year and we are very pleased with the results. Easy Street is a lot wider in the middle third, after removing the funnel we used to call D6 and contouring a more consistent gradient. The intermediate area is wider with its consistent gradual gradient making learning a lot easier.

•   How long is the chairlift, how many people/hour can it transport and how many towers and chairs has it got?

The chair is just under 700m long, it can move 2000 people/hour and it has 8 towers.

•   Why isn’t the chairlift longer?

We have positioned the chair to avoid the steeper terrain at the top of the old T-bar, which would be challenging for intermediate riders and skiers. A mid-offload station would have been difficult for novice skiers to negotiate. We plan to install another chairlift from the load of the new Stella T-Bar to the top of Sundance T (T-3).

•   If I go down Bluff, can I traverse back to the Connector T and bypass the chairlift?

Yes you can, if you traverse out to your right above the Bluff mounds, you will be able to reach the load of the new link T bar “Stella T”.

•   How do I get from the chairlift off-load to T-Bar 2 (Leaper T)

 To get from the chairlift to T-2, or “Leaper T” as we are now calling it, you will need to ride the new “Stella T”.

•   What is the new name for T-Bar 3?

 T-3 is now called “Sundance T”

•   Where is the chairlift loading and how do I get there from the car park or the Platter?

The Easy Rider loading station is just above the ticket office and is accessed by an easy staircase beside the ticket office. The chair is also accessible from the platter by an easy ski over.

•   Is there still a noisy engine/generator in the car park?

I am very pleased to say no. We have replaced the old noisy generator in the car park with a new generating station further down the road.

•   What sort of ticketing system will you have?

We have invested heavily in a new RFID ticketing system which is designed to make things a lot easier. You will now have the ability to load your unique “PortersPass” with your day ticket online before you even get to the mountain. This will mean less time queuing in the ticket office and more time on the slopes.

•   Where is the beginner’s area now?

Our fantastic new beginners slope is located just below the platter lift and is simply accessed from the car park. This broad extended area ensures seamless progress to the platter lift once the carpet lift has been mastered.

•   Will you have more space in the cafeteria?

We are extending the outside patio area and building a small bar and grill. We have extended the service area in the existing café, with an additional till system streamlining coffee and snack purchases.

•   What sort of changes have you made in the rental department?

The rental department is being totally refitted with a brand new racking system creating more room and improved storage space for our expanded range of equipment. Our new ticketing system is integrated with rentals so when your details are entered in the ticket office, the rental technicians can start getting your gear ready even before you get there.

•   Do kids still ski for free?

Yes. Kids under 7 ski for free regardless and a child under 12 can ski for free if accompanied by an adult who is purchasing a full day all lift ticket*.

(*conditions apply – click here)